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to complex problems

Creative agencies can’t design dynamic advertisements if they are unfamiliar with the markets they’re serving. We believe that market familiarity is one of the best ways to guarantee effective advertisements. As a result, designIQ has dedicated teams who deliver regionalized support and ad design. Each one engages exclusively in your market. This approach makes us the most laser-focused print production team in the United States. More importantly, we recognize that you need to be able to reach. After all, your business runs on deadlines, and we offer quick turn times. That’s why representatives and design teams that work with west coast clients work hours that enable them to provide unfettered access to them when you need it.


Our accuracy rate – 99.8 percent – means we deliver a superior product on time. We understand deadlines are king in the newspaper industry. Newspaper advertisements are no different. We help you meet deadlines so you can continue to drive profits.


Our product enables you to successfully pursue higher profit margins by allowing you to invest time and money in other areas of your business.

Integrated Workflow Systems

You’ll have access to our technology and full use of our ad tracking system. These systems eliminate wasteful redundancies and replace them with enhanced savings and profits.


Print Advertising

Delivering effective print advertising solutions to customers in markets nationwide

We deliver an exceptional product. However, we place as much emphasis on speed as we do quality. Many print production agencies sacrifice one for another. We’re not willing to do that. We’ve built a reputation from our teams by providing end-to-end solutions that allow businesses, agencies, and publishers to succeed. Setting the industry standard for customer-friendly turn times, we boast a 12-hour SLA, though we typically create ads in two to three hours. Our ability to deliver exceptional turn time to our clients, combined with our market-specific approach and extraordinary accuracy, is our greatest asset. Partnering with a company that has mastered the art of quick delivery of all its products offers a host of benefits, including:

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Rapid Turn Times for a Fast-Paced Print World

Edits are commonplace in the design industry. So are wait times and inefficiencies. We found a way around that. Fortunately, designIQ is the largest newspaper advertising agency in the country. We leverage our considerable resources to craft potent print ads and deliver print production on time and as promised. We handle prepress ad design for all Gannett newspapers and 70 non-Gannett organizations. Our passion doesn’t change, no matter the size or prominence of the ad. With hubs in Des Moines and Indianapolis, we have over 300 graphic designers on staff simultaneously working for you.

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Analytics-Driven Newspaper Ad Design

We use algorithms to track how useful different design concepts were. The algorithms divided these concepts into classes and demonstrated to our analysts what kinds of colors, shapes, and design principles are most effective in driving consumers to engage with ads. This data-informed design results in a 15 to 35 percent performance increase across the board. We use this data for every advertisement we create.


Page Layout & Imaging

See your custom publication come to life, just as you’ve imagined it

Do you already have your set content that just needs direction or organization? Our specialized imaging and pagination teams work directly with your content to optimize its efficiency. Using tried technology and techniques, we color correct, optimize, and tone your images for the intended medium. Finally, our pagination team compiles your laid-out pages into a cohesive story-telling device.

Begin a partnership today.

Before we can create engaging and profit-generating print advertisements for you, we develop a relationship with you and your company. We’re able to deliver tailored services that drive your profits and create a better version of your publication. We won three awards for Best Execution of Print Advertising at the INMA Global Media Awards. We do that with our print ad design services, as well as our custom creative brand identity services. Additionally, our content development team writes compelling, tailored copy for everything from small businesses to national or worldwide corporations.