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Has your brand grown stagnant? Are you having trouble holding on to your existing clients and securing new ones? Look no further than designIQ. Our custom creative team helps companies small to large reinvigorate their brand. We understand the power of dynamic brand identities, and we’re skilled at translating your ideas into actionable campaigns. We execute complete marketing campaigns, built from the ground up, introduce a spark into existing marketing guidelines, and take care of event branding, apparel design, and advanced illustration tasks.

Most importantly, we adapt to your needs. Custom creative shouldn’t force you into a timeframe or strategy that isn’t right for you. Your company doesn’t operate in a box, so you need an agency that thinks outside of the box. The benefits of working with designIQ are clear:

New Audiences

We connect you with new clients by refreshing your brand, top-to-bottom, or by taking care of small-scale marketing campaigns like cross-platform advertising.

Stay Current

Appeal to new consumers by overhauling your brand identity or slightly tweak your existing image to keep up with modern design trends.

Set Yourself Apart

Stand apart from the competition. Whether you’re a new company looking to get off on the right foot or an established brand looking for a change, custom creative hones and executes your message.


data-driven design

Innovation is key to designIQ’s success. We wouldn’t be able to deliver the results we do without embracing the power of technology and analytics. In 2018, Gannett started a project that sought to find a way to use analytics to find out which design concepts were most effective in converting sales. The findings enable our branding team to deploy analytics-supported design concepts to communicate who you are to maximum effect.

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Each of our campaigns is designed to improve how your market and potential consumers perceive you. A well-executed campaign drives profits and propels your brand forward. We offer an innovative turnkey approach, taking care of everything for you. Why hire designIQ to reimagine your brand?

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with designIQ’s brand strategies

Don’t underestimate the value of being perceived as hip, current, and robust. Your company’s brand awareness is paramount to your success. Our products amplify your identity and push you into new markets regardless of your company’s reach. You can go beyond custom creative’s outstanding work by complementing your marketing materials with a new website. Our website fulfillment team offers website design, SEO products, blog services, and branded content. Learn more about designIQ and give us a call today. Your company’s evolution begins today.