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Design Meets Intuition.

We love graphic design, and we’re curious about why some design ideas seem to work better than others. So, in 2018, Gannett invested in research project designed to study different design concepts. The purpose of the project was to determine whether any colors, shapes, or design principles were more impactful than others. The study divided various ads into visual classes, and the data gleaned from the study enables our design teams to create advertisements that we know will be effective. Our willingness to develop analytics-based digital ads is a significant reason why our brand continues to grow.


It’s crucial to make sure your website is responsive. Your customers use smartphones, tablets, and computers to connect. We create digital advertising that works at all screen sizes.

High Impact

Our high-impact advertising campaigns captivate and engage your customers by using clean design, precision, and a network capable of delivering your message to wherever it needs to go.


Creative solutions aren’t static. They should learn and adapt along with your audience. We use analytics to create design concepts that achieve high response rates and convert sales.


Digital Display Solutions

Digital Advertising the helps grow brands

DesignIQ delivers impactful digital media and advertising that converts sales and enhances your visibility in your market. To do so, we think outside of the box. We possess industry-leading SLAs, and we boast a 99.8 percent accuracy rate. By creating gorgeous digital advertisements in 12 hours, with a two-hour corrections period, we’re able to guarantee customer satisfaction and the best results from your advertising campaign as possible. More importantly, we don’t believe a San Diego-based retail store should be represented by an advertising team who works 9 to 5 eastern standard time. We divide our workforce into markets. That way, you can reach your partners any time you want. Contact us and begin a relationship with our committed digital media team.


Homepage Development

Grow your online presence with a new website

As a business owner, you are always searching for ways to expand your reach into undiscovered markets. However, without a functioning website or landing page, many companies find it challenging to lap their competition. Possessing a finely-honed online voice is critical to your ability to expand your company and continue to grow. DesignIQ offers websites – complete with world-class copywriting and design – as well as slimmed-down landing pages. Landing pages may be smaller than a full website, but they still pack a punch. Our digital media team builds landing pages that include a linked phone number, online contact forms, image galleries, maps, and more. Both landing pages and full webpages are essential for all business, not just companies with several locations, or corporations. Allow designIQ’s digital media teams to create an online presence that leaves your competition in the dust.


Email Marketing

Raise awareness with targeted email marketing

DesignIQ provides a wealth of impactful digital media campaigns. Email marketing campaigns are a useful marketing technique because they deploy simple elements to pique users’ interest and generate sales. They’re an excellent tool for all companies – big or small – to grow their brand or promote a sale. We’ve taken an old marketing technique and updated it by implementing click-to-call links, GIFs, social media buttons, and multiple links. We design these emails to be engaging and interactive, which further spikes interest, which is one of the reasons we’ve had so much success with them. Once we’ve created the email marketing campaign, we send it to you so you can target your customer base.

Establish a strong digital presence today.

You shouldn’t be spending your time handling your digital advertising and media needs. Our team knows how to design gorgeous and tempting high-impact ads and build interactive digital advertisements. We understand the principles of sound design and spend each day perfecting our craft. Instead of doing it yourself, allow our specialists to free you to explore innovation, or refine your practices, or enjoy more time at home by delivering award-winning creative. You won’t be disappointed. Contact us today to embark on your data-enhanced digital journey.