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How Advertisers Uncover a Brand’s Hidden Voice.

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How to Bring Your Unique Voice to the Forefront

You know how important a brand is, even if you don’t have a strong or cohesive one. Your focus is on managing inventory, providing quality products, and satisfying your customers. You might not have time to brainstorm innovative ways to present yourself. However, brand design is no less crucial than the other aspects of your business. You want to be universally recognized in your field; a strong brand catapults you into a new tier. Your customers want a company they trust, and great brands build and strengthen consumer confidence. Your reputation is everything. So, what is the secret sauce to building an effective brand? The answer is simple: listen.

Why Developing a Cohesive Voice is So Crucial

Most companies have a logo. But a brand is more than just shapes and colors; it’s symbolism behind it that counts. In other words, your voice is what impacts your customers. Your logo should represent how you want your customers to feel when they see your HVAC trucks or drive past your retail store. It should reflect your reputation wholly. Most importantly, it should drive how your consumers perceive you. In other words, every element works together to form a unique voice. Coasting isn’t an option.

Opening and Using Your Toolbox

Developing a voice is crucial. You can only do so by integrating every aspect of your company into your brand. Fortunately, you have a bigger toolbox than you might think. Open it and you’ll find social media posts, customer reviews and interactions, isolated design concepts, and more. All it takes is a practiced eye to gather them together and hone them into something else. Think of it another way. Your logo design is the eyes of your company. A great one is a window into the soul of your business. Your consumers should see your logo and immediately have an idea of the personality that lies beneath. That’s voice.

Are you feeling discouraged? Don’t be. Every brand has a voice hiding somewhere in its identity. The key lies in finding it. Once you do, you’ll have a more potent and successful form of communication. You’ll experience more business and happier customers. More importantly, you’ll have a blueprint on which to build on. Poor brands are haphazard, disjointed, and ineffectual. They confuse and drive away customers. But yours is just a few simple fixes from building an unrivaled presence in your market.

Why Developing a Bold Voice is Easier Than You Think

DesignIQ has years of experience building coherent brands for our clients. It’s our job as advertisers to help you discover your voice, making sure it’s strong and consistent. How do we establish consistency in what might seem like communicative chaos? We do it by starting with what we have and developing it from there. Our team uses the DNA of your company to transform its brand, heightening its voice so it can speak boldly. We do so by methodically examining each visual element of your company:

Logo design

Even though it isn’t a brand on its own, your logo is the best place to start. Your logo indicates how you view yourself, which is crucial to understanding what makes you unique in your market. Is the logo subtle or exciting? What about their other visual elements? The answers to these questions help us refine your voice and deliver new and exciting ways to communicate.

Taking inspiration from your website

A company’s website is full of information about how that company communicates. How you use language and images to communicate paints an illuminating picture of how your company communicates. Are you casual or serious? Do you use universal language or speak to industry insiders? Understanding how you use your website is critical.

Building a better social media presence

A company’s social media page can be the best resource for creating your brand’s voice. This is where we see how you interact with your audience. Businesses tend to interact with their social media every day, making it more up to date than their website. Even a sparse social media profile can help us find how their voice is currently being used and how people are responding to it.

The wide world of advertising

Your past advertising exploits matter. They tell us how you interact with advertisers and demonstrate your tastes, which is invaluable information when determining how to proceed with building your brand identity, enabling us to compare our research with any changes our team might need to make. In many cases, we work with companies who want to be brave and go in a new advertising direction, no matter how unfamiliar it might be.

Contact designIQ Today to Develop and Hone Your Voice

Once we’ve taken inspiration from and collection the disparate threads of your brand, we begin sewing them together into an iconic and unforgettable image. Your voice can come from anywhere; from a holiday themed tweet to a perfectly-matched logo and website design concept. We find the hidden identity in each part and move from there. To learn more about what designIQ has to offer your brand, contact us today. We’ll mine your identity and give you the voice you’ve been searching for.