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award winning creative solutions
Award-Winning Creative Solutions. INMA Global Media Awards.

designIQ Wins at the INMA Global Media Awards

Exciting News! Our team took home three awards for Best Execution of Print Advertising at the INMA Global Media Awards. We’re so proud of our teams that were involved with the production of these great print and digital campaigns. Part of the job we love is being able to tailor great creative for any client – from anywhere in the country – no matter the size of their organization. Our creative is backed by data-informed insights to provide our clients with the highest performing mix of visual design and researched-based performance. Look through our winning campaigns below to view the award winning creative and read more about them!

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2nd Place in Best Execution of Print Advertising: Empirical Event Marketing & Management

Wisconsin start up, Empirical Event Marketing & Management (EEM&M), came to us looking for a visual brand that matched the exciting work they did for their clients. Specializing in home improvement and non-profit businesses, EEM&M would assist smaller companies by creating a professional, memorable, and impactful presence at trade shows and other events. We needed to create a brand that projected these same qualities onto EEM&M, while maintaining an approachable, professional attitude.

Our solution was to focus on the effect EEM&M has on their clients. They make their clients stand out and look professional. To emphasize this relationship we designed the Empirical Crown, a logo mark combining a crown with a group of spotlights. The symbology here represents how EEM&M will make your company the center of attention, but also how EEM&M themselves are leaders in their field.

3rd Place in Best Execution of Print Advertising: The District

A new venue approached our team with the desire to announce their grand opening. The District Seville Steak & Seafood needed to convey themselves as an upscale/fine-dining restaurant with vintage and historical ambiance. Keeping the brand’s vision and services in mind, it established them as the newest destination restaurant in the region. The developed newspaper wrap promoted the Grand Opening event and offered space for the client to tell their story. The idea was to educate the public about this unique, upscale approach of this restaurant concept. Space was provided to feature content about their dry-aged steaks, a biography about the executive chef, the highlights of their lounge, and a brief story about their business. The creatives within the campaign set the stage for continued growth in their brand and make their mark within the area.

Honorable Mention in Best Execution of Print Advertising: Happy Trails CBD

For Happy Trails CBD, we wanted the campaign to have a professional look with a medical and health store feel. We took inspiration from the client’s website when choosing the color palette and imagery to help tie it into the existing branding. Products were displayed in the ads similar to how beauty or medical merchandise may be advertised. We thought showing the actual CBD products would help showcase how there are several different options for consumers and put a face to the brands they carry. After researching CBD products, we found there was a lot of misconception surrounding this type of business in states like Wisconsin. When writing copy, we wanted to touch on the main concerns people may have and approach it in a conversational and informational way. Happy Trails CBD had several positive reviews about the staff’s helpfulness regarding questions from customers, so we worked that into the call-to-action – urging people to reach out or visit to learn more. All of these decisions were done to help paint the picture of Happy Trails CBD being a welcoming place to purchase a product that might be deemed controversial or misunderstood by some.


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